If you are like most dentists, you have spent countless hours managing the details that make your business thrive. You have invested your time and energy into building a successful dental practice and now you are wondering if there’s a better way to enjoy the fruits of your labour, without working so many hours a week. Perhaps you are thinking of retiring, and want to ensure a nest egg for you and your family. If you are considering any of these scenarios, contact us at Altima Dental.

Altima is led by dentists who are sensitive to your needs and understand that your dental practice is so much more than just a collection of chairs and instruments. In over 25 years of growth, we have looked at numerous dental clinics and we know that each one is different. We will review your unique situation and discuss the different ways that you can partner with us. Many of our current associates sold their practice to Altima at fair market value, and have continued to practice dentistry at the same location – caring for the same patients they have looked after for years. Whether you want to continue practicing full-time or you want to practice less so you can spend more with your family, we have multiple, customized options to make your goals a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to change the name of my clinic and adopt the Altima Brand?

No! Your clinic name stays the same after we partner with you

What will happen to my staff?

Your staff will continue to be employed with the same terms within the Altima family. In addition staff will have access to many of our corporate benefits that are not typically available to employees of individual offices.

Will I continue to work if I partner my practice?

We look for at least a two year commitment but we are happy to have you stay longer. That decision is up to you. When another partner is added to your practice, we would also like you to mentor them.

Can I use the lab that I am currently using?

Yes, as long as your current lab meets the quality, pricing, and turn-around standards that we have established with other labs.

Will I be told to practice dentistry differently?

No. All of our dentists maintain clinical control over treatment. We do expect each dentist to follow the standard of care established by our clinical experts.

Do I have to use Altima’s dental supply company?

Through Altima’s ordering platform you can access most, if not all, of the supplies that you currently use, and will have access to our negotiated pricing. If there are supplies that you use outside of this you can continue to purchase them as you do currently

Can I still refer to the specialist that I currently refer to?

Yes. The providers in our network work together to support each other to try to keep all dental procedures within the Altima network. It is our goal to serve the patient in the best, most efficient way possible. If you and your team determine that an in-house specialty does not work for a specific patient, then the case can be referred to an outside specialist.

My practice is worth more than a collection of chairs, equipment and employees — how will you honor the goodwill I’ve built?

In our experience, every dental practice is unique. We understand that this is more than a financial decision; it’s also an emotional one. Our goal is to ensure that we honour the legacy you’ve created and continue to build on your good reputation with patients and the community.

When my clinic becomes supported by Altima Dental, will you take over everything?

Altima Dental partners with successful offices that have achieved a lot of success on their own. Therefore, we don’t see a reason to come in and change everything. We expect that our proven business practices will result in higher returns. Doctors still remain the clinical leaders of their practice, and our support will help ensure efficiency.

How can I find out more info about partnering with Altima?

You can fill out the form above or get in touch with one of our Co-CEO’s above.